Professional: Conferences, Keynotes and Workshops, Podcasts, Recordings, and High Profile Facilitation


• Grow your private practice podcast (Jane Travis), guest special episode: How clear boundaries can help grow your practice, with Caz Binstead – being released July 2022.

• International Supervision Week 2022 Conference : Onlinevents – Workshop Supervision for those New to Private Practice (July, 2022)

• The 2022 International Conference on Pluralistic Counselling and Psychotherapy : The Power of Collaborative Relationships : Working Together to Re-build Lives and Communities. Part of a panel dialogue entitled: Pluralism and the Politics of Therapy (June, 2022)

• Resilience Reflections Podcast (Dr Mish) – Caz Binstead (June 2022)

• #TherapistsCreate special : Samantha Lee introduces her new mental health poetry collection (plus overview to #TherapistsCreate, and chat on mutually shared love of poetry) – discussion Caz Binstead and Sam Lee.

• Training for Bereavement Counselling, with Dr John Wilson : Onlinevents – Host and Facilitator (Feb, 2022)


• PCCS Books publisher CPD day : Counselling and Psychotherapy in Times of Global Calamity – Host and Facilitator (Dec, 2021)

• BACP AGM 2021 : invited to present in recognition of the work as a member serving the membership – Caz Binstead presentation on her work on the Private practice toolkit (Nov, 2021)

• Private practice support interview with Caz Binstead – Josephine Hughes of the online community Good Enough Counsellors interviews Caz Binstead, in recognition of her immense work on behalf of private practitioners with the BACP and TherapistsConnect (Nov, 2021)

• TherapistsConnect career reflections : lifetime achievement – Interview with Dr Aaron Balick (Nov, 2021)

• Private Practice 2021, Surviving and Thriving in Uncertain Times (2 day conference)

– Caz Binstead was the Creative Lead, and designed this event (Nov, 2021).

– Organiser, and Event Host (Nov, 2021).

– Keynote. Explorations and reflections on surviving and thriving in uncertain times – the impact of the pandemic on the private practitioner (Nov, 2021).

– Presentation and discussion, Online Communities and Support, Caz Binstead and Peter Blundell (Nov, 2021).

– Facilitator, on a selection of the general discussions/debates/group experiential (Nov, 2021)

– Experiences of running a private practice during a global pandemic – Panel Chair (Nov, 2021)

– Old vs New! Experiences of new private practitioners setting up practice in Covid Era – Panel Chair (Nov, 2021)

• In the Spotlight: reflecting on eating disorders during the pandemic – Interview with Bernie Wright (Oct, 2021)

• BSA Work, Employment, and Society Conference : Connectedness, Activism and Dignity at Work in a Precarious Era – Oral Presentation, Caz Binstead and Peter Blundell #TherapistsConnect: Relational Activism through virtual and online communities (Aug, 2021)

• APT Conference : Reflecting for the future; higher education in disruptive times – Oral Presentation, Caz Binstead and Peter Blundell Therapists on Twitter: A case study of facilitating #TraineeTalk, an innovative international social media learning community for student counsellors and psychotherapists (July, 2021)

• #TherapistsCreate recorded launch – Caz Binstead launches her new project of which she is the founder of. #TherapistsConnect presentation, YouTube channel (Aug, 2020)

• #TraineeTalk Live! – An international one-off event for students on the #traineetalk platform based on twitter, to meet up and discuss challenges of the last year, as well as network – Co-Facilitator with Peter Blundell and Zekiye Kartal (June, 2021)

• Reflections on Activism for Change Within Membership Bodies – Caz Binstead on relational activism (working on behalf of private practitioners within the BACP, June 2021)

• BACP student conference 2021 – Workshop, Caz Binstead: Student to Private Practice, use of the BACP toolkit. BACP student conference 2021.

• BACP 2 Day Online Student Conference – Host (Feb 2021)

• #TherapistsConnect Conference : Connection, collaboration, campaigning and community (a whole week of pertinent events for therapists)

– Co-Creator, Organiser, and Host (Jan, 2021)

– Making a Difference Activism Through Connection and Conversation – Facilitator (Jan, 2021)

– #TherapistsConnect In Conversation – Panellist, and Facilitator (Jan, 2021)

– #TraineeTalk Event – Facilitator (Jan, 2021)

– Therapists and Social Media – Panellist (Jan, 2021)

– Speed Modalities – Chair, and Facilitator (Jan, 2021)

– Poetry Showcase Workshop – Host, Facilitator and Participant (Jan, 2021)

• TherapistsConnect career reflection : lifetime achievement – Interview with Professor Mick Cooper, (Jan, 2021). View it on:


• Reflections on BACP’s representation of member’s views on SCoPEd – Caz Binstead reflects. #TherapistsConnect presentation, YouTube channel (April, 2019)

• Reflection on Mental Health Provision in the UK – #TherapistsConnect presentation, YouTube channel (Oct, 2020)

• BACP Private Practice Conference – Q&A Facilitator (Sep, 2020)

• #TherapistsConnect Third SCoPEd Debates (Nov, 2022) – Organiser, Host and Facilitator.

• #TherapistsConnect Student Debates (Aug, 2020) – Organiser, Host and Facilitator

• The Big #SCoPEd Debate (July, 2020) : #TherapistsConnect were the only platform to hold SCoPEd debates. Our 3 debates in total featured a wide mixture of the therapist community – representatives from: 3 of the main Membership Bodies involved with SCoPEd; activist groups opposing SCoPEd; training and education; students; qualified therapists working on the ground (of varying modalities and years of practice) – Organiser, Host and Facilitator

• BACP and Counselling Tutor Podcast Special : Starting a Private Practice in Counselling – Caz Binstead, BACP divisional executive Private practice toolkit lead, and Jo Langston, ethics services manager (July, 2020)

• National Counsellors’ Day 2020, CTUK : Event host, and Facilitator (June, 2020)

• National Counsellors’ Day 2020, CTUK : Interview with Jo Watson from Drop The Disorder – conference presentation (June, 2020)

• TherapistsConnect Podcast : interviewed by the platform for my work and life as a therapist – Peter Blundell interviews Caz Binstead (June, 2020)

• What is #TraineeTalk ? – Founder of #TraineeTalk Caz Binstead introduces the #traineetalk community. #TherapistsConnect presentation, YouTube channel (April, 2020)


• BACP Private Practice Conference – Q&A Facilitator (London, Sep 2019)

• BACP Student Conference – ‘Private Practice Strand’ Host (London, Feb 2019)

• BACP Student Conference – Introduction to Private Practice Workshop, Caz Binstead (London, Feb 2019)